Pet Dental Care

Pet Dental Care

Canine and Feline dental hygiene is a slowly rising topic in the veterinary world. Many questions come to mind for any pet owner, such as “What exactly happens during a dental cleaning?” “Will my pet be safe under anesthesia?” “Why do dental cleanings cost so much money?” Don’t worry; we will answer all of your questions, and more!

Dental cleanings are an essential part of pet care. The bacteria adhering in your pets mouth has the possibly of traveling into the bloodstream, causing more serious health problems. Have you ever noticed your pet’s bad breath, or some discoloration on their teeth? These signs are all indicative of a condition called periodontal disease. The biggest battle with dental disease: once it’s started, it’s only manageable, not treatable. Tartar, (hardened plaque on the enamel of the tooth) is removed by an ultrasonic scaler during the dental cleaning. This scaler helps to break that adhered tartar off of the tooth.

Anesthesia, a scary unknown for any owner, is a necessary environment for a dental cleaning. Being able to reach those unknown places, ensure thorough cleanings, take dental x-rays, and increase patient safety are some of the most important reasons for inhalation anesthesia during this procedure. Talk with your Veterinarian about your questions and concerns about anesthesia.

Finally, the reddest flag in any owners mind, cost. The use of anesthesia, equipment, dental x-rays, employee time, and so much more, are all part of the reason dental cleanings are such a chunk of change. Some preventative measures to consider in lieu of yearly cleanings: Daily to Weekly brushing is always best, followed by Dental Chews such as C.E.T. Chews made by Virbac®, and lastly dental rinses.

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